This page is about Rastafarians live in Tobago

I an I Man know that within the Rastafarian Penetration is an idea whose time has come to pass and this is something no man can stop it for it is the works of I-father. So I man and I an I African roots brethren and sistren from the rootical say thruth is I an I workship to do good is I an I religion, nature is I an I companion, all men is I an I brethren, I an I man recognice the father jah Rastafari and the Soverignity of Africa.
That is a rock of all ages for I an I know that any other is sinking sand I an I say give thanks and praise....
Jah lives and his work must go on. PEACE


Rastaman's home: Carott and Joanna

The African Descended people who live in the Caribbean, Americas have always resisted, attempts to complete colonisation by creating systems, societies and values of their own against the wishes of those who could only enslave their bodys, but not their minds. From Maroon to Rastafari african spirit is alive, vibrant and being rediscoverd in the Caribbean, EU, USA, Africa.
The movement began in the 1930's Marcus Garvey once Prophetic, a King would be crowned in Africa. This was Ras Tafari better known as Emporer Haile Selassie of Ethopia, soon the members start to call themselves Rastaman or Rastas.
The most famous was Bob Marley, he has spread it out all over the World with his Reagge Music. In his songs you will hear about Freedom, Justice, Liberty, Love, Peace and Unity. Repartriat to Africa physically and/or Spiritually. Still now a days the life style of Rastas is very natural. They prefer to work for themselves. So beside Music you will find them in all kind of jobs, very talented in wood work, crafts like bamboo, calabash, jewleries, painters, shomakers and many more...
As Farmer to take care of animals or plant fruits and vegetables without using chemicals.
The most identifable characteristic of Rastas is their matted hair or locks. No trimming, no shaving. For example using Aloe, ratchet and cacao to wash it, prefer River, rain and spring water. Most are vegetarian, some eat fish or also meat. In generaly Rastas very particular what goes in their body, staying close to the nature.


Carott and Joanna

Carott is a sheep farmer and grows also vegetables.....
( Lettis, Thyme, Yuca and others...)


Leroy Samuel "Sheriff"

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